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MegaCynics: Ass-Tastic (Sep 27, 2013)
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This is actually quite true. A few months ago I put on a little extra weight and I managed to rip the back seam of two pair of my favourite pants. Now to be fair, they were a few years old and had paid their dues... Plus my butt was just a little too big for them (let's be honest, it had no business being in those pants at all). So I started going to the gym, bought some new pants etc etc.. life goes on. A few days ago I ripped the seam in one of my NEW pairs. Now, I could attribute this to shoddy craftsmanship (I'm very frugal, those pants didn't cost me much) however, they fit everywhere else EXCEPT the backend... And I HAVE been going to the gym and I HAVE lost those extra pounds I had put on. This comic holds the only logical conclusion I can see.



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