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MegaCynics: Preemptive Exorcism (Feb 11, 2013)
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Preemptive Exorcism

Today's strip was inspired by a few things.

1) I have been watching WAY too many scary movie lately and it's all I can think about when I go into writing mode.
2) I wanted to put Cookies in to another strip, but every time I tried to write something centred around him I just couldn't quite get a whole joke out of it, so I just wrote him in to this one.
3) I am a fan of Steve's uncanny ability to get any job done, paranormal or otherwise.

hopefully we'll see more of the ninja if my brain will allow me to write him in.

PS: to the people commenting on the virgin's blood/ holy water combination... I have nothing to back that up. I think that if Steve spit in to a bottle and claimed it kept ghosts away it'd probably work just because he said so.



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