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MegaCynics: D.C. Look-See (Sep 11, 2013)
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D.C. Look-See

If you'd like to visit the page in question you can read it riiiiight here.

So, like we said in the comic, we weren't too keen on this contest when we saw it... funny enough, Steve and I didn't like it for semi-different reasons. Most of those reasons are brought up in the comic, but another big one that I didn't get into was that - - - well I'm just personally Harley'd-out. I loved her so much when I was a kid, growing up I always doodled little pictures of her in my school books, and a few years ago I dressed as her for Halloween (and no, it was not a sexy version... more of a "just got committed after have the shit kicked out of her by Batman" version. Straight jacket and all). I was so happy when she started showing up in comics and games more and more... but then it became too much. It seems like the artists and writers are more concerned about how many new scandalous outfits they can put her in rather than actually giving her a decent story or fight (how can we forget that one-hit take down in Arkham Asylum?). She's showing up everywhere and in every costume imaginable (what was so wrong with her original leotard?). I'm not really *sick* of it... More tired of it. She'll always be one of my favorite characters... But so will the Riddler. And The Penguin. Where the heck are all the art contests with them naked in a bathtub? I would draw the fuck out of those! In fact... I have some drawing to do.




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