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MegaCynics: Swipe When Ready (Jul 6, 2011)
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New Comic: Swipe When Ready

Just what everyone was waiting for... female humor! I promise I won't do this often, I just had to include the whole uterus being on fire joke because I think it's pretty funny. The punch line actually came from a true event as well. My friend Jared and I were grabbing some snacks from the grocery store (I may have consumed a small amount of alcohol before we left the house) and the same basic thing happened, just a little more drunk and angry. I decided to make the clerk a pharmacist in the comic because I have extremely bad luck with pharmacists. It's nothing against their profession, I'm just sick of always getting the chick who yells out embarrassing ailments, or looks at me with disgust when I buy condoms. All you pharmacists out there who think it's okay to judge the unfortunate souls with embarrassing problems, this one's for you.



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